No More Cages – What This Is All About

I want to thank you for visiting NoMoreCages. In this podcast, I discuss what this place is all about, why that’s what we’re about, and what I hope to achieve through my work here: helping Dads become and remain the best Dads they can be, no matter what.  The audio is under 7 minutes, and I will always try and respect your time with the content I post.

If you have questions about me, my professional or educational background or anything else, please feel free to ask in an email or a comment here. I’ll try to answer all questions and respond to all comments within 24 hours. That being said, please remember that I am my kids’ Dad first. I’ll attend to everything else as soon as possible, but only after I’m sure their needs are met. Dads are SO important!

Thank you again! Please subscribe while you’re here, if this effort is something you support. As we get further along in this, certain content will only be available for subscribers, so be an early bird and subscribe now! I will never share or sell your information with any entity, business or agency so long as it is within my power to keep that information private.

I’m still fine-tuning the audio recording, so you might want to put your volume no higher than 65% or so and adjust accordingly. I would really appreciate feedback on this (sound/production quality, content etc), so don’t be bashful! If you have something you’d like to share, or if you decide to subscribe, please introduce yourself in the comments.

My purpose and passion is to help Dads become and remain the best Dads they can be for their children, no matter what. I hope you find value here.

We’ll see you back again soon!

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