Big Part of Being an Example

Example is one of the two primary themes here at No More Cages, along with commitment to our kids. Today, it is too easy to get bogged down in the every-day minutiae. Day by day, we lose a little… something… we lose some small part of what we once were, or we once participated in, or contributed to. We’re family men now. That’s how it goes for family men. Which is, of course, not true. Or at least it doesn’t have to be true. Dammit, it SHOULDN’T be true.

“Let He Who is Without Sin…”

I’ll be the first to admit guilt here. The example I used to set for my kids concerned me. I did eventually figure it out, and thankfully so. All of my kids eagerly pursue their passions, even with that period of time where mine was a bad example.

This is a perspective we often forget about, unfortunately. When it comes to being an example for our kids though, we really shouldn’t. After all, how exciting can the future seem for kids who’s parents are trapped by the rat race? Who are keeping up with the Joneses? Kids are great copy cats. Knowing this, shouldn’t we show them how we enjoy life? Show them what really matters to us outside of our careers? Including our children in our endeavors gives the way they see us greater depth, and clarity. It shows them more of who we are. Hopefully, it imbues them with a deeper sense of curiosity. About us, about themselves, and about everything.

We want our kids to be hard workers, so we set the example by working hard. The same goes for honesty, character, integrity, sobriety, and morality. I could list a ton of things here, but I can’t overstate the importance of the example we set. This includes the example we set by investing in and developing ourselves.

If you’re curious about fruit-bearing examples I provided for my kids I’ll gladly share. I would definitely like to know about the fruit-bearing example you have set for your kids. Let us all know in a comment!

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