Parental Alienation – A Peek Inside

  Parental alienation is a nasty, nasty thing. I know from personal experience, unfortunately. Parental alienation is passive or active, and the two methods are often combined to compliment each other. The alienating parent has let their need to be right, or their pain and indignation override sound judgment. They speak negatively to their kidsContinue reading

Big Part of Being an Example

Example is one of the two primary themes here at No More Cages, along with commitment to our kids. Today, it is too easy to get bogged down in the every-day minutiae. Day by day, we lose a little… something… we lose some small part of what we once were, or we once participated in,Continue reading

Stepdads: a powerful and encouraging insight

To my fellow Stepdads, Like you, I made a choice to take on two precious angels as my own, and I’ve never looked back. To all of you with that same commitment and understanding, I salute you. My Dad (“Step” Dad) chose my sister and I, but it took me a long time to contemplateContinue reading

This Is Commitment

Six months ago or so, I reconnected with my former squadron commander from the 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron at Aviano Air Base in Italy. Through messages back and forth, I learned he had done something incredible for his family. Here we talk about commitment to our children, no matter what, and what he did demonstratedContinue reading

Home School Education for kids with Dad

  I’m not the hardest working guy in the world, but I know what it is to work hard. Really hard. Setting up our home school was not hard, per se, but the research for curricula, equipment and the like was time-consuming and somewhat tedious. Preparing to home school my daughters was a lot moreContinue reading

You’ll Never Know

“You’ll never know how much I love you.” Did you ever hear this as a kid? I did. Of course I know my parents were simply trying to say they loved me more than I could understand. They were right. It may sound odd, but I thought a long time about that phrase and it’sContinue reading

Sharing a Victory

I certainly hope no one believes just because I do “this” for a living that our kids never have bad attitudes, disagreements, bickering, fighting and the like. I believe I do what I do very well, but our kids are still learning and growing. We still deal with these things like everyone else. I leaveContinue reading

Your Child’s Dreams

“The wealthiest places on earth are not the banks, they are our graveyards.” I once heard my great mentor, Mr. Les Brown ask, “If you die today, what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts will die with you?” That perspective had a major impact on how I have tried to guide myContinue reading

No More Cages – What This Is All About

I want to thank you for visiting NoMoreCages. In this podcast, I discuss what this place is all about, why that’s what we’re about, and what I hope to achieve through my work here: helping Dads become and remain the best Dads they can be, no matter what.  The audio is under 7 minutes, andContinue reading

T-Minus 1 Day, 23 hours, 17 minutes…

Tick tock… tick tock… Time is rapidly winding down before we start posting content. I know things look like a train wreck here now, but I have some friends who are a lot smarter about this website design and word press stuff than I am. I’m grateful for their generosity, and willingness to assist. SoContinue reading