Graduation – My Son Michael, Class of 2017


The focus of this video is my son Michael, in whom I am beyond well-pleased. His graduation is May 28th, 2017. During his senior year, Michael simultaneously managed high school academics, took college courses, and worked part-time. As a fantastic worker, Michael earned a spot in the Manager In Training program, and worked many 35+ hour weeks along the way.

Michael is a dynamic mix of intellect, insight, talent, sensitivity and passion. He plays guitar, ukulele, saxophone and generally picks up any instrument well if he gives it a try. Michael is fascinated by astronomy, cosmology, the arts, law and psychology. He is also a patriot.

About a week after her was born, we took him to be seen about something. The doctor thought it was spinal meningitis. They performed a spinal tap, and I was as terrified as I’d ever been. They put Michael in the hospital for observation. Those few days were the longest of my life before his Mom took off with he and his brothers.

Time flies. If you don’t live with your kids, love them every second you’re with them. You don’t have time to fuss or have any kind of bad attitude about “that stuff” when they’re within arm’s distance.

I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL! There simply aren’t words to tell you how much. I hope you enjoy this little peek back, and that you’re reminded how much this old guy loves you, and has missed you every second.



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