Amazing Boy With Amazing Parents

The word “amazing” tends to get overused these days… like “awesome,” and “literally.” I am loathe to contribute to such overuse, but this little boy is amazing. In fact, that word doesn’t do this boy, nor his amazing parents any justice at all.

Young Noah Wall developed a rare form of spina bifida while in his mother’s womb. The condition filled his developing cranial cavity with fluid, which put massive pressure on his brain cells. The pressure was so great, Noah had only 2% of a normal brain at birth.

Amazing boy grows brain
Amazing child baffles medical science by growing a brain.

You should read the article about Noah here.


Amazing Gut Check

Doctors advised Mom and Dad to abort Noah five times during the pregnancy, but they refused. I know now abortion isn’t a choice I could make, or encourage anyone else to make. I love my own kids too much. Still, I try to put myself in their position, or as close to it as I can. There, posed against my amazing love for my unborn child, is this specter… an enemy… a marauder… a barbarian. Your future seems laid bare by the diagnoses, the charts, the images, the lab work. Your child will cling to life by the brittlest of threads, and then struggle to survive for the foreseeable future.

And… what about you? Do you have the strength? Can you cope with the massive needs of this child? How will you obtain the resources necessary? Will your family and friends really give the support they promise to?


The Point of These Posts

I talk an awful lot about commitment here, and I enjoy putting examples like this before you. They aren’t always examples of tough Dads sticking it out to be there for their kids. I’ve had a grandpa as a guest because he adopted his grandchildren. I post an article like this honoring parents of a special needs child, or share my own experiences so other Dads know they’re not alone. I want readers and listeners to see possibility. Its easier to see only the fewest of things in life are insurmountable, if they’ll simply decide to surmount them.
I hope this article brought you some measure of joy, and perhaps some perspective. Your struggle might seem tough, or like you’re facing certain defeat. All I can say is whatever you believe about that is ultimately the truth. So take inspiration from these brave parents, and from the incredible transformation in their amazing son Noah. Look what they’ve done!


To quote the great Luke Skywalker, “You have that power, too.”


**If you are the parent of a special needs child and would like to share your story, please send an email to



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